Your Colleagues Need HELP!

Your Colleagues Need HELP!

If your company or staffing agency has been growing lately, several HR specialists or recruiters have joined your team.

That sounds like fun if y'all like beer.

Coz beer and fun go well together, they say.

But it's NO FUN when these new joiners have NO CLUE that Java is not JavaScript :)

You need to explain to them the basics... otherwise, they cannot find the right IT candidates quickly.

And that's still hard even for someone like me — who spent 17 years in IT and trained 30,000+ IT and HR professionals.

It's hard because IT is boring.

No recruiter wakes up in the morning pumped up to memorize all the 258 IT terms and 68 acronyms during their first month.

But I've got some good news!

We've developed software that releases the right training at the right time.

They call it "just-in-time learning"

It's like a drive-through in McDonald's. You go there when you're hungry, just in time...

Now, your colleagues can learn just in time through our new recruitment software platform called Recruit Instantly.

If you'd like to increase the performance of your team, book a Demo call with me and I'll show you what it can do for you.