How To Get Certified In Tech Recruitment?

How To Get Certified In Tech Recruitment?

If you are searching for technical recruitment training that can get you or your colleagues certified as a tech recruiter then keep reading!

Why do technical recruiters get certified?

  • Fundamentals are fundamentals, to be an efficient recruiter who earns commissions and bonuses he deserves a certified tech recruitment program that lays down a strong essential terminology basis. This is your home base camp knowledge that implies everywhere and every time. In every interview with IT talents or hiring managers and all other IT professionals.
  • If you are a new joiner into recruitment or you are just transitioning to IT recruitment from some other hiring sector, like manufacturing, gastro, hotel, etc. then tech recruitment certification can get you up to speed in no time. The benefit isn't a diploma pdf. The benefit is a guarantee from the technical recruitment certification organization that after successfully passing the program, which usually takes a couple of months, you are ready to do this job successfully. Whether you work in a corporate environment, in a hiring agency, or as a freelancer. This sets you apart from other IT recruiters and gives you a clear advantage in both the short and long term.
  • Tech recruiter certification goes beyond know-how sharing and practicing what works. It’s about an international community of IT recruiters who do their job the best and live the life they want. How cool is it to get to know best-practice from other IT recruiters from around the globe and start using it right away? No need for endless online research, wasting time, or going through a trial and error phase. If you are serious and dedicated and you are planning to proudly say you are an IT recruiter for years to come, then download all the latest tech recruitment know-how without hassle now. Get your technical recruiter certification today!
  • Tech recruiter certification is a profitable opportunity. There’s no doubt that there are bucks in the field. According to predictions and rapport, IT recruitment is going to grow significantly in 2022 and 2023. IT Recruiter certification must then be a profitable partnership that reflects the real market trends and gives you a hand. Meaning that you can start earning and working right away. You can start working on the vacancies for clients and earn decent commissions. A certified tech recruiter must have all the tools to succeed, including lucrative vacancies waiting to be filled, right out of the box. Sounds fair? Get your tech recruiter certification today and get instant access to a job board after completion.
  • Remote work is not a trend in IT recruitment but rather a standard in 2022. Certifications for IT recruiters prepare them for remote work, too. On both sides, you as an IT recruiter, also candidates, hiring managers, and other pros working in this field. So if remote work sounds like something you are up to, then there is one more reason why to become a certified tech recruiter.

Should I get a pre-recorded course or join live and get certified?

What are the options on the table to upgrade your technical recruitment game? There are Live training programs and pre-recorded IT recruiter courses.

Live Tech Recruitment Program

  • Advantages: the international community, contacts, partnerships, live interactions, live questions and answers, replays, live feedback, live comments, access to a rich library of learning content, job board, and an optio start working on vacancies right away (if you don't have any yet).
  • Becoming a certified tech recruiter have all these advantages. You get certified and start working and earning immediately.
  • Disadvantages: tickets are usually sold-out in time before the Program starts

More info:

Pre-recorded IT recruitment course

  • This is the second best option if for whatever reason you cannot attend a live certification, or you didn’t manage to get your tickets for the next live Tech Recruitment Program, as they were sold. Or if you want to start downloading immediately, and you want to start slow and will see later whether to upgrade to tech recruiter certification.
  • The pre-recorded course consists of a library of replays of past live Tech Recruitment Programs and it gets you as close as possible, without the need to have to adjust your schedule to the live program schedule. It’s on-demand and you can watch the latest one or scroll back in time and watch older versions. We have also a compilation of the best parts, so you don’t waste a second and go straight to the best content, which is bite-size sliced.
  • Advantages: start at your own pace, great for people who transition to IT recruitment, are aware that the transition takes a couple of months, and want to start immediately.
  • Disadvantages: missing the live interactions, contacts and discussions.

Enroll in a theoretical institute to get a paper certification diploma

Advantages: looks good on a resume or LinkedIn page, you get certified just for attendance.

Disadvantages: developers, recruiters, and hiring managers all know that paper doesn't earn money. You might get overloaded with theoretical information and lose focus on what gets the job done.

Take a one-time online exam

Advantages: low price, it gives you paper proof, doesn’t need much thinking.

Disadvantages: how does taking an online exam makes you a better recruiter? Completely mission on the live interactions part.

Udemy Course or similar course platform

Advantages: very low price, you can start immediately, Udemy 30-day money-back guarantee.

Disadvantages: it’s just content after all. Where is the international community of IT recruiters, jobs board, partnerships, live questions & answers, and more?

Find a job and take an in-house company learning

Advantages: Finding a job on the first place! If you are searching for a long-term full-time job as an IT recruiter then this can be an option for you. Remember to inquire about the in-house company learning options beforehand.

Disadvantages: going down this path is very time-consuming and it requires finding a job first. Joining a recruiter company just for the in-house company learning that one knows nothing about is very improbable and risky in 2022 and years on. Not suitable if you want to be a freelancer, or plan to have your own company, most companies don’t have their in-house certification programs or technical recruiters, as they outsource them.

Attend a conference or a networking event

Advantages: low price, you can just come and attend.

Disadvantages: Okay, I go or attend, it’s awesome, and what is there for me afterward? How is it going to help me earn commissions after the event? What's next?

Buy a book about IT recruitment

Advantages: low price, don’t need much thinking, can pump you up and motivate you to kick-start learning.

Disadvantages: limited advantages, can do only as much as a book can.